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Domestic PVC prices continue to rise, the market outlook may fall slightly

Date:2014-05-26 Views:61

  The PVC (short for polyvinyl chloride) market has continued to rise since the end of March. Taking the PVC powder SG-5 in the Jiangsu market as an example, the increase has reached 6%. Analysts pointed out that the market quotations in May remained stable, but the actual transaction volume declined slightly.

  An unnamed source revealed that the Jiangsu market PVC powder SG-5 was quoted at 5,765 yuan/ton on March 24, and then continued to rise to 6,090 yuan/ton, or 6%.

  Analyst Li Ying said that the main reason for the previous price increase was the strong rise of the bulk commodities in the early stage and the concentrated maintenance period of upstream companies in the spring, which pushed up market sentiment. Subsequently, the Western Chlor-Alkali Consortium Conference was held and the manufacturers jointly pushed up their quotations.

  However, she said that the overall market offer in May was relatively stable, but the downstream buying sentiment was not high, merchants were not shipping smoothly, and the firm transaction price was slightly lower than the previous period. It is expected that there may be a slight decline in the market outlook.