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Favorable and bearish game, who is responsible for the rise and fall of PVC?

Date:2016-05-30 Views:66

  In May, the domestic PVC market prices fluctuated and fell, and the price of calcium carbide method PVC in major markets fell by about 150 yuan/ton. At the beginning of the month, the market continued its previous downturn, and prices fell significantly. In the middle and late ten days, there was a wave of rebound in the market. Stimulated by the Northwest Enterprise Consortium, the PVC market price rose briefly, but the downstream orders were not active, and there was a slight resistance to the high price. The actual high price fell, and then , The market price returned to a downward trend. As of the end of May, the phenomenon of PVC price decline still exists, and the overall performance is not good. Whether there is a chance for the subsequent market to reverse, let us do a brief analysis:

  On the positive side: the price of raw calcium carbide will remain stable in the short term, PVC cost support will still exist, and some PVC companies will still have overhaul or rotation plans in June, and the social inventory of PVC will remain at a reasonable level, and upstream manufacturers will not significantly reduce prices. Shipment intention.

  Negative aspects: Entering June, the lack of good macroeconomics, coupled with the gradual hot weather, the downturn in the real estate and construction industries, has suppressed the order volume of downstream products. As the northern region enters the busy agricultural season, the operating rate of factories will drop slightly, the overall demand is difficult to improve, and the overall support for PVC is hard to find.

  In general, the contradiction between PVC supply and demand still exists, downstream demand is not strong, the quotation of the industry is slowly falling, and the transaction is difficult to follow. It is expected that there is little chance of a short-term price increase in the PVC market. If there is no major good news, the PVC market trend in June will be mainly weakened, and the partial decline will still exist.