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PVC: The development of mercury-free technology is the last word

Date:2017-02-13 Views:74

  As of 2016, there were about 75 PVC production enterprises in my country with a total production capacity of 23.2 million tons, of which the calcium carbide process production capacity was 18.792 million tons, accounting for 81% of the total production capacity. At the same time, high-mercury catalysts and calcium carbide process PVC plants using high-mercury catalysts are listed as projects to be eliminated before 2015, demonstrating the country's determination and strength to accelerate the withdrawal of pollution and outdated production capacity. By 2020, the mercury consumption per unit product will be reduced to half of the 2010 level. Encourage and support the development and application of technically feasible and cost-effective ultra-low mercury catalysts, mercury-free catalysts, and mercury-free technology routes, formulate and implement industry-wide promotion plans, and phase out PVC-related mercury production processes by 2030.