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Jiangsu Cureguard Glove Co., Ltd

Total machine: 0527-88286011

Marketing Department: 0527-88286011

Biography: 052788286000

Mail box: chenwee@cureguard.com

Address: No. 65, Shenzhen Road, Economic Development Zone, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province

Anhui Kindguard Medical Supplies Technology Co., Ltd

Telephone: 0557-7890661 0557-7606789

Address: Southwest of the intersection of Tonghe Road and 343 National Road, Sixian Economic Development Zone, Suzhou City, Anhui Province

Inner Mongolia Cureguard Medical Materials Co., Ltd.

Telephone: 13394886910

Address: Yiwu Industrial Park, Chahar Right Front Banner, Ulan Qab City

Inner Mongolia Cureguard Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Telephone: 13615475585

Address: New Industrial Park, Tumet Right Banner, Baotou City

Siyang Threeguard Medical Supplies Co., Ltd.

Address: East of Nanhai Road, south of Guilin Road, Siyang Economic Development Zone, Suqian City.

Telephone: 13625257907 052788500191

Yangzhou Cureguard Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 1, Phase I, Comprehensive bonded Zone, No. 9 yangzi Jiangnan Road, Yangzhou city

Landline: 0514-87861921

Mobile phone: 15050787779